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Cobb Salad recipe

On a recent trip to L.A., I was craving a Cobb Salad, like the ones I had when I was a kid there, but didn't quite find one that filled the bill. So I made the classic once I got home. Rows of avocados, crisp bacon, tomatoes, blue cheese, and hard-cooked eggs lined up over a bad of lettuce, made a completely satisfying lunch. I'm hooked (again!) Check out the recipe on my blog =>

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New England clam chowder and seafood fritters...and obligatory oyster crackers at Commons Lunch. (Chowder may have been invented by a Frenchman and named after the "chaudron," or cauldron, that it was made in)

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The justly-famous grilled pizza at Al Forno in Providence...still the best!

Brooklyn Kitchen to Shutter Williamsburg Store for Move to Industry City

A terrific cookware store. Sorry to see it go.

Kinder Egg Is Coming to America

I see Kinder products and candies by supermarché registers, and never quite understood what was the appeal. I guess I should give them a try...and see what all the fuss is all about?

Cocoa glut leaves bitter taste for African farmers

When too much chocolate isn't a good thing

Spring cookbooks 2017...and more!

Spring cookbooks 2017...and more!

American Masters

Such a pro!

La Nuit des musées - Paris tourist office

This Saturday, many museums in Paris (and throughout Europe) will remain open late into the night, with free admission!

The Personal-Essay Boom Is Over

Interesting insight about the "end of the personal essay" genre on the internet (via John Birdsall) - Do you still read personal essays, or long articles?

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A hot day calls for cold chocolate sorbet (recipe from The Perfect Scoop), and hot espresso

Homemade Crumpets

I used to be addicted to crumpets in San Francisco, then my favorite bakery that made them closed. It's been a while, but I finally made them myself, and wow...were they good, hot off the skillet! (Although I had about 100 crumpets the day I tested the recipe...so I definitely made up for lost time.) In case you want to make up for lost time, if you fancy a crumpet too (or two or more?), I just posted the story and recipe =>

The Startup That Wants to Sell You a Subscription to New York Tap Water Explains Itself

"smartphone-activated water" - yup, that's a real thing (or at least they propose it to be)

James Beard: America's First Foodie | About the Film | American Masters | PBS

I went to a preview of this documentary last month and wow, was it good. Many know his name from the awards they hand out to chefs and cookbook authors each year, but he was one of the first "celebrity" chefs in America, and this excellent program (and the interviews in it) gave a glimpse into the life of James Beard, who was...and still is considered...the father (or "Dean" of American cooking. He's someone you hear less about than Julia Child and others, which makes this documentary all the more compelling. It'll be shown on PBS stations in the U.S. starting on May 19th (at 10pm) and I'm going to watch it again, because it was so good.

Yale dean once championed cultural sensitivity. Then she called people ‘white trash’ on Yelp.

Or this could be titled: When seemingly normal people get behind an anonymous handle...

Top Paris wine bars and restaurants - Decanter

My friend (and wine expert) Christian Conley Holthausen shares some of his favorite addresses in Paris

Travel blogger on the 'dirty little secrets' of Instagram users

All those pretty pictures (and people!)...

Fresh Tomato Tart Recipe

It's (almost) summer, which means fresh tomatoes will soon be plentiful at the markets. This lovely French tomato tart from my friend Kate Hill in Gascony is a great way to use the bounty! Check out the recipe =>

Bookseller Suing California Over 'Autograph Law'

No more book signings?!

Lo Mai Gai (Steamed Sticky Rice in Lotus Leaf) – China Sichuan Food

Sticky rice in lotus leaf is one of my favorite things. I've never made it, but it looks like something that belongs higher up on my to-do list

Brits want to quit Eurovision

Stop the presses:

Salted Chocolate Chip Tahini Cookies

These were some of the best chocolate chip cookies I've ever made. (Warning: You'll probably eat half the batch before you share the rest of them.) They've got a dose of tahini in them, which gives them a chewy texture and a remarkably seductive flavor. I'm hooked... Check out the recipe! =>

Brocante de printemps à Paris 3 ème - Ile-de-France - Paris

This weekend is one of the best flea markets in Paris at the Mairie de 3ème (on and around the rue de Bretagne, in the upper Marais). It's big (over 500 vendors) and there's a lot of stuff to see, and buy. Starts Friday the 12th and ends on the 14th...

U.S. likely to expand airline laptop ban to Europe: government officials

I guess all writers are going to start lugging typewriters around?

Watch Nicole Kidman Tell Giada Her Pizza Sucks

Ouch! (Although in reality, she was probably right, that it was made hours before...)

The New York Times Food

Today at 4:45pm ET (1:45pm PT), I'll be on Facebook LIVE with Melissa Clark of the NYT on their Food page. Check us out as we talk about everything from how to make a good cheese plate, to where to get to goods to make it. Ask us questions, too!

The Challenge of Perfect Phyllo

Lovely article and photos. One thing I learned is that fresh filo is much, much better tasting, and easier to work with, than the frozen stuff. (It doesn't dry out within seconds of taking it out of the package.) There used to be a place in San Francisco that made their own, and it was a dream to work with, and eat.

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