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Countryside goûter (snack) - spelt bread from local baker with salty butter 🇫🇷

Cheese festival 'runs out of cheese' and furious cheese fans camembert it

Cheese festival runs out of...cheese

Was working on a new page for my blog and when I saw this picture, from my visit to Le Chocolat Alain Ducasse, it reminded me of how enticing their chocolates are. Will have to hit their bean-to-bar chocolate shop when the August vacations are over! More here => http://www.davidlebovitz.com/la-manufacture-de-chocolat-alain-ducasse/

Second Annual Santa Cruz Vanilla Festival

One of my favorite people, vanilla expert Patricia Rain, is hosting a dinner on September 29th in Santa Cruz, California. Patricia is one of the most knowledgeable people I know on the subject of vanilla and here's a chance to meet her, and learn about this popular (and mysterious) flavoring...

Just noticed my upcoming book is available at a special pre-order price - nearly 50% off! - online (*price subject to change) http://amzn.to/2fFNYxf

France’s “billionaire” yachting industry in crisis

Time to ditch the yacht? ;)

First Venice and Barcelona: now anti-tourism marches spread across Europe

Some cities in Europe struggle to cope with an influx of tourists

The things you find where you're antique shopping...

Villebois-Lavalette Market

The outdoor markets in the French countryside are often spectacular, but in the summer, they can be especially beautiful with fresh tomatoes, local cheeses, and just-baked breads. We spent the morning at this one, doing some shopping, and downing a couple of dozen oysters. Check out the post on my blog =>

Facts: Cups Are Better Than Cones

cup vs cone

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Two rustic tarts for dinner - mustard greens with shallots, bacon and feta & tomato, chèvre and caramelized onion #dinner #dîner

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My favorite (and most dangerous) thing to do is rummage through miscellaneous cutlery at thrift stores, at Emmaüs.Angoulême

Doing some antiquing. Will be sharing a blog post on it shortly! (After I'm done shopping, that is.) Here's a preview : )

Roasted Tomato Soup with Corn Salsa - David Lebovitz

It's not a situation that I find myself in often, but if you've got too many tomatoes, this tomato soup with a zippy corn salsa, combines my favorite flavors of summer in each bowl. Even if you don't have an overload of tomatoes, consider it highly recommended!

For $15,000, a former lighthouse can be yours

...Sold! (to me...I wish)

Les Halles De Lyon

Lyon is great...and just 2 hours from Paris!

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Pâtissier paradise: Pastry molds, tart rings and cake pans at METRO Cash & Carry France

Summer Fruit Galette

Summer fruits are in full swing, and I'm using as many of them as I can. (If you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat, you've likely seen a LOT of jam-making from my kitchen in the last few days...) I got a deal on apricots, and went back for more...and more and more. So I used some of my sweet windfalls to make an apricot-cherry galette, with a layer of frangipan underneath. Check out the recipe that I just posted on my blog! =>

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Scored corn on the cob at the Barbès market yesterday! #sortofsummer #passthebutter

L'appart Book Chat with Joanne Weir

I'm looking forward to joining my pal Joanne Weir at Draeger's on my book tour. We'll be chatting and doing a Q+A. Snacks and wine will be served. Space is limited (and registration just opened), so sign up if you'd like to join us!

Paris Cocktails: The cocktail bar guide app by 52Martinis now available on iOS!

No one knows the bar scene in Paris better than 52 Martinis. Check out her new (free) app!

Anyone out there ever made liqueur de noyaux (apricot kernel liqueur)? I've looked at a bunch of French recipes and some say to add the kernels uncracked. Some say wash the kernels, some say not to. Others say to crack the kernels and use both the kernel shells and kernels, and others say to use the whole kernels, uncracked. (Which doesn't sound like a way to get much of the flavor out of them, since the kernel is inside.) If anyone's ever made it, would be interested in hearing what you've done.

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Outstanding palmier from Le Boulanger de la Tour - and not a bad place to eat it, either...

Bachir Ice Cream

I stumbled upon this shop the other day in Paris, running errands, and immediately was intrigued by their ice cream. Sure enough, it was fascinating, including using their use of organic ingredients and making ice cream with mastic. The "intense" chocolate ice cream, they warned me, was...well, intense. Which was all I needed to hear to give it a go! Check out this family-owned shop, featured in a new post on my blog =>

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