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Why Didn't 16th Century Europeans Like Tomatoes?

How tomatoes became acceptable

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Wouldn't every day be nicer if someone brought me a box of Pierre Hermé Paris macarons?

Bloopers - Young Frankenstein

This was such a funny movie - great comedic talent all-around, including the late Gene Wilder

Caponata recipe

This Caponata changed my mind about cooked vegetable salads. With each ingredient remaining distinct, including olives, capers, and a dash of vinegar, I literally could not stop eating this salad when I tasted it the first time I had it, and I am happy to share the recipe, which I've adapted from Fabrizia Lanza in Sicily. It's almost as good as spending a week in Sicily(which I'd love to do, again...) Click to read the story & recipe...

Instagram photo by Patty Ellis • Aug 30, 2016 at 3:58am UTC

Someone did this lovely painting (of a photo I shared) of the tomatoes I have on a tiered stand in my kitchen

Susan Feniger and Mary Sue Milliken to close Border Grill in Santa Monica after 26 years

Such an iconic restaurant (and two really nice women) - best on their next venture(s)!

Smoked Almond S'Mores with Whiskey Marshmallows

I like the idea of marshmallows made with 1 cups of whiskey.

France's Alstom to provide high-speed trains for US Amtrak's northeastern service - France 24

Now if they could just put them across the rest of the country!

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Part of a friend's flea market and thrift store collection of pottery

Sweet! Former Syrian refugee turns shed into chocolate factory

That is one tiny factory. Good for him!

Soupe au pistou - David Lebovitz

I recently gave this soup recipe a little update on my site, and it's one of my most popular posts. In spite of the heat, people in Provence eat this soup in the summer, making use of the best vegetables in season. Me? I make it for the basil pistou, the provençal version of pesto...

Ben Palmer

Good advice, from the guy who writes the very funny Hope That Helps page...

Little fellow broke his arm..

I don't post animal pictures but this little guy (or gal) with a broken arm was too sweet not to

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It's great when summer is in full swing. I always buy too much at the market. (This morning, my arm felt like it was going to fall off lugging everything home.) But it was worth it...

There Will Soon Be Only One Howard Johnson Restaurant Left In The Country

But was it ever really the same, ever since they gave up the turquoise & orange motif?

The Underdog Story of Paris' Best Cocktail Bar

They really shook things up, so to speak, when they opened such a great cocktail bar in Paris.

Arsicault Bakery adjusts to life as nation’s best new bakery

This article may be behind a pay wall but someone brought me a box of their pastries last time I was in San Francisco and they were really good. So it's a "bonne adresse," as they say in French...

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via #Snapchat #Paris

Fig Crostata

If you're somewhere where you can get fresh figs in abundance, this fig crostata is a great way to use them!

La Fluctuat — journée de baignade au Bassin de la Villette

This Sunday, you can dive in the Bassin de la Villette in Paris. There are 1,25, 3 and 5km swims - open to anyone over 18yrs old!

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I've been working on my September newsletter & when we got back from the countryside a few days ago, I put the tomatoes I got at the market on this foofy stand. But I kinda liked the way they looked and am using it for the lead photo in the newsletter 🍅🍅 [You can sign up for the newsletter here http://madmimi.com/signups/46736/join]

Ya gotta love traditionalists: An elderly lady in front of me at the grocery store was buying cauliflower, which she told the cashier she was going to boil, then bake in the oven smothered in bechamel. (It's 94ºF, 34ºC.)

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I'm in...Korean! #mypariskitchen

FETE du CASSOULET de CASTELNAUDARY 2016 Sud Ouest France Languedoc Roussillon Aude

The weather might be rather hot in the south of France, but if you're up for a hearty dish of beans, sausage and duck confit, coming up is the Fête du Cassoulet Castelnaudary!

Salted Butter Caramel Ice Cream recipe

This may be my all-time favorite ice cream! A big scoop of salty-sweet caramel with little bits of melting caramel studded throughout. Over the years I've tweaked the recipe and I got it just to where I like it. It's one of my most popular recipes of all-time and I just posted it over on my blog. Check it out =>

Best Food in NYC: Fried Chicken

Fried chicken (and duck confit) are two of my favorite foods...

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