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WTF France, Paul Taylor learns French

Learning French ain't easy, is it? (fyi: Lots of f-bombs!)

World’s Most Expensive Potato Chips Cost $11 Each

(btw: The money goes to charity)

Magical Soft Cotton Office Pillow Guard Nap Hand Cushion Ostrich Neck Pillow new

If I saw someone wearing one of these, I would think I was living a scene out of Stranger Things.

McDonald’s Italy launches Taco Sundaes

Why are they introducing gelato tacos in Italy? (And what can we do to prevent them from being introduced elsewhere?)

Pariscope sort mercredi son dernier numéro, après 51 ans

Wow. After 51 years, the weekly Pariscope magazine stops publication this week. (It was an incredible to guide to everything that was happening in Paris each week, from movie times to restaurants of note.)

Cheese ball recipe

This is my first cheese ball. Being faces lots of bits and odds & ends of cheese is one of the problems with bringing home so much cheese home from the market. I've tackled fromage fort, but this all--American "boule de fromage" adapted from Vivian Howard is a great appetizer for a party or get-together. Check out the story and recipe on my blog! =>

Ready for Dessert Cookbook on Sale - Just $1.99! - David Lebovitz

Head's up! This is the final week to get the ebook of Ready for Dessert for only $1.99...

Brooklyn Bar Derails Martin Shkreli's Happy Hour Plans

"Raising drink prices 5000%" #bar #WIN

Pulled Pork and Cornbread Make This Slow-Cooker Chili a New Favorite

So...I got a slow cooker a few months ago to try out and see what all the hoopla was all about, but I haven't taken it out of the (very big) box yet. I know I will someday, and when I do, this may be the first recipe I try in it.

Where the Nazis Hung Out in Occupied Paris

Wow. These are some amazing photographs.

Yotam Ottolenghi’s one-pot wonders – recipes

ALL of these sound good. And can be made in just one pot!

Should Every Bagel Have Seeds on Both Sides?

I vote for yes, especially if you split a bagel in two and share it. Who gets the seeds? (The way around that is to split it in four, with both people getting one of each, but that's too complicated to explain in the morning.)

The Thug Kitchen Chefs Want Eating Healthy to be Easy as F--k

Interesting question about thinking that "eating healthy is...too expensive."

How to fix the most annoying change in iOS 10

One of my guests on my tour last week taught me how to fix this, since the slow unlocking of my phone (which often didn't work) was driving me nuts!

New fall cookbooks!

Parisian Hot Chocolate recipe: Le chocolat chaud

The weather is getting brisk and I don't mind, especially because the cafés in Paris start pouring le chocolat chaud, thick, rich hot chocolate. Many think it's because the drink is made with cream, but it's made with milk - and gets its flavor from good, dark chocolate...

Paris, on t'aime aussi

well-done video of life in Paris

Trouvez la bière la moins chère près de chez vous

The price of a beer, by métro station (interesting how the price gets higher the farther you get from the center of the city)

New England Cioppino Recipe | SimplyRecipes.com

I've never made Cioppino, but grew up eating it. I think I need to make this!

Merguez and Pastrami delicatessen in Paris

One of my new favorite places in Paris, Merguez & Pastrami won me over with its housemade pastrami and breads, along with dishes inspired by Europe, the Middle East and North African, in a truly Parisian place. Check out this casual dining spot in the 9th arrondissement!

Timeline Photos

Would you rather:
A) Have oral surgery without anesthesia
B) Hook up a new modem

Journées portes ouvertes EPV

Ever wanted to get a peek behind-the-scenes at a Paris chocolate shop? Fouquet is having an open house this Friday night, and not only can you check out their wonderful chocolates, but you can look in the kitchen, to see how they're made!

Ready for Dessert: My Best Recipes

The ebook of Ready for Dessert, a collection of my favorite recipes, is currently ON SALE for only $1.99! It's available on Kindle, and other formats, for most tablets and devices....

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