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How the Easy-Bake Oven Has Endured 53 Years and 11 Designs

imho: they should go back to the first design

Nuit Blanche 2016

Coming up this weekend, for night owls....!

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Learning how to pick grapes for Champagne

Fulgurances restaurant

One of the most exciting restaurants in Paris is Fulgurances, which features guest chefs and and exciting menu. The current chef, Tamir Nahmias, uses Middle Eastern ingredients and flavors in his cooking, creating memorable dishes. Many that I had were truly outstanding. Check out my post on the restaurant on my blog =>

Les écologistes veulent «expérimenter le naturisme» à Paris

The city of Paris is considering making a public outdoor space for naturism (nudism). There are a few public pools that have naturism night which are allegedly very crowded. (Or so I heard. I haven't been...)

Syfy France

whoa. a magician teaches an arnaqueur (cheater) a lesson

This Is What a Dishwasher Actually Does to Your Knife — Sharpen Up

Just looking at that picture makes me want to cry...

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The Paris equivalent of the "Do Not Smoke Outside Our Window" signs in New York: "Do not stand outside and blab on the phone."

Mirabelle Jam Recipe

At the market yesterday, I spotted lots of tiny mirabelle plums. I couldn't buy them all (I wish!), but if you can get your hands of some of these little beauties, this mirabelle jam will quickly become one of your favorites, too.

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Reine-Claudes, Mirabelles & Quetsches on the rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis #Paris

Snapchat unveils $130 connected sunglasses and rebrands as Snap, Inc.

I'm on Snapchat here, although I don't have the sunglasses...yet! https://www.snapchat.com/add/davidlebovitz

Paris Restaurants

I recently updated the list of recommended Paris restaurants on my blog. There are some classic bistros, café, crêperies, and good wine bars, in different price categories. You might want to check some of them out for your next visit to Paris!

See What a 14-Hour Flight Is Like in the Insane Luxury of a $21,000 Emirates Airplane Seat

1) So much for those who say "If you want to get upgraded, dress nicely when you arrive at the airport," and 2) I, too, would be happy to be upgraded to first class and film the experience for 9 minutes out of the 14 hour trip :) via Lesley Chesterman

Giant Gougères: French cheese puffs

Every summer, we head to Burgundy to visit long-lost friends. The best part? Yes, it's seeing them. But the second best part(s) are heading to the local village for giant Gougères, French cheese puffs, which go exquisitely well with glasses of Chablis - yes, even at 10:30 in the morning. Check out the recipe over on my blog...(and don't forget the Chablis!)

What's with the French dubbing films?

Almost all television in France is dubbed. What's interesting is that they often leave the original language, so you can very faintly hear it in the background. Am not sure why tv (always) and movies (sometimes) are dubbed since France take cultural preservation seriously, but this comedian takes a look at it. (Note: Lots of f-bombs.)

The "Raw Chocolate" Nonsense

I've had some good chocolate labeled as "raw" but never understood how it could be raw, for the reasons pointed out here. Plus few would want to eat an unfermented cocoa beans.

France's New High-Speed TGVs are Sleeker and Cheaper

Another look at the sleek new TGV trains in France


So that's why (some/many) eyeglasses are so expensive....

Je Suis Ici Toute La Semaine.

When one of the most popular comedians (and personalities) in France, who sells out arenas decides he wants to make it in America, starting all over in small clubs in NY. (Audio, via Michael Lamotte)

Take a look inside France's newest high-speed train

These look great! One suggestion: On the ferry in Greece, they had a decent bar for snacks and beverages. I had a warm cheese sandwich cooked on a grilled. The excellent coffee was from a real espresso machine (!) and they offered ice cream, cocktails, and wine, too. The SNCF could make passengers happy, and pull in some additional income, if they reimagined their food and beverage options. Just a thought...

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Double-trouble, from La Maison du Chocolat

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If you're in Paris this weekend, here's a flea market/antique sale taking place both days on Avenue Trudaine (9th, M: Anvers)

Journées européennes du patrimoine

This weekend in Paris (and in the rest of Europe) are the European Heritage Days, when many building that normally open to the public, open their doors. (Note: Lines at the Presidential palace in Paris are the longest!)

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