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French team wins the World Championship of Pastry this year

Farro with Mushrooms and Bacon

Did you know that you can cook farro like risotto? Except without all the tending and stirring (and fretting), that is. It's much easier and when cooked with mushrooms and bacon, it's one big pot of winter deliciousness that I'm happy to dive into. Even better, you've got amazing leftovers the next day - yup, it reheats beautifully. Check out this "farrotto" recipe, that'll become one of your favorite ways to warm up this winter. Recipe here=>

Nigel Slater’s dried fig and marsala tart, and clementine and ginger butter recipes

A beautiful upside down fig tart from Nigel Slater!

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Fruit salad de jour

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Épicerie (outside)

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People say, "It's after the date to eat Galette des rois!"...but don't tell the Parisians (or us), who enjoy them until the end of the month...

Swedish supermarkets replace sticky labels with laser marking

Yay for an alternative to those pesky, sticky little labels.

Bruto Americano, a Campari cousin, is anything but ugly

I haven't tried this one, but due to some reader requests (and a bit of my own curiosity), I've been looking for an alternative to Campari with more rounded flavors (I like Campari, but can overwhelm anything else in the glass if poured too heavily), and no colorants added. St George Spirits is doing some really interesting things. Next time I'm in the U.S., I'm going to try this one from them.

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Beer Tart (excellent!!) at Alléno Paris - Pavillon Ledoyen #sorrynorecipe

Thief nabs €15 million of jewelry in Cannes

Yesterday I went to the grocery store and when it was time to pack up my groceries, I lifted up my canvas shopping bag from the floor and the cashier visibly jumped when I did it, in shock. He said he through that it was a cambriolage (hold up). We laughed for the next few minutes, but I can see why he was perhaps a little jumpy...(Although I was just buying butter and milk.)

A U.S. Ambassador’s Parting Words

Sorry to see her go. She was well-respected and well-liked, representing our country during some challenging times in France.

Banana Upside Down Cake

Wow! When I turned out this cake, I wanted to dive right into all those glossy, caramelized bananas. If you're in the winter doldrums, this cake'll cheer you up. I've been eating it for breakfast even, sneaking small slices in between sips of coffee. I've made two in the last week and got a few more bananas ripening for the next one! Recipe and story on my blog=>

Les Tartes au Citron que j'ai goûtées pour vous - Escale Gourmande

Pretty round-up of tartes au citron (lemon tarts) in Paris (in French)

A Concert Hall Rises on the Seine

Jiffy Pop?

Salted Tahini Chocolate Chip Cookies

Hmmm....I have a lot of tahini, and these sound good...Has anyone made them?

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The only thing that excites a cookbook author more than a recipe that works on the first try is dishwashing liquid on sale...

Swiss town denies passport to Dutch vegan because she is ‘too annoying’

Wow. I thought this must've been from The Onion or something. But, nope...

Moissonnier restaurant in Paris

Old-fashioned charm, and solid French cooking? Sold! Moissonnier in Paris has favorites, like Frisée salad with big chunks of bacon, chicken with morels, and a generous Floating Island for dessert. The food is influenced by the Jura, a region less-known than other ones, but is one of my favorite parts of France. Check out this little corner of the Jura, in Paris=>

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Texas-style BBQ brisket and pulled pork (and excellent frites!) at MELT #paris

Pickled Turmeric Eggs

I want to make these.

Paris commuters to get 'spacious' new RER trains (with air conditioning!)

This is great news! (...hopefully at some point, they'll add them to the RER B line, too, which goes through some less-advantaged areas, and to and from the airport)

Cycling the Avenue Verte from London to Paris - Freewheeling France

Who knew you could bike from London to Paris?

Kugelhopf recipe

It was very dark and cold this morning, until around 10am, but pulling a kugelhopf out of the warm oven sure brightened things up! A yeasted cake, similar to brioche, I give mine a good soaking with rum (although you can use orange flower water), and spike it with raisins. The lovely ring comes out of the pan wrapped up in it's own crusty/crunchy almond topping. It's easy to make, too. So you don't have to leave the house if you usually buy one, until...um...spring... Recipe=>

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I was wondering how to get more of my ice creams pinned on Pinterest. hmmm...

Fisher-Price to launch high-tech exercise bike for toddlers

I'm not necessarily nostalgic, but sad that some kids won't know the fun and pleasure of riding a bike down a street, or on a bike path (like we did), in the open air...

Chocolate Biscotti Recipe - David Lebovitz

I made these dark chocolate biscotti yesterday, again (I think for the 2734th time...) and keep making them over-and-over, because they're so good. Whether you dip them in chocolate, or not, it's nice to have a not-too-sweet chocolate nibble on hand to go with espresso or a spot of tea...

Galette des rois recipe

It's Galette des Rois season, the Kings Cake that is enjoyed throughout France in January. There's a brioche version enjoyed in the south (and elsewhere), but this version is the most popular one in Paris. Layers of buttery puff pastry filled with smooth almond cream...and a surprise for the lucky person who gets the (fève) bean! Recipe here=>

Instagram photo by David Lebovitz • Jan 9, 2017 at 3:16pm UTC

Floating Island at Les Tonneaux à Rungis - Marché de Rungis

50 Reasons to visit Paris in 2017 | EuroCheapo

Mark your calendars!

A High-End Kitchen on the Cheap

Scoring top-of-the-line appliances, on the cheap...

How To Make A Rich and Spicy Japanese Curry Shakshuka

Interesting take on "Shakshuka"

Jacques P´pin on Following Recipes

I posted a link to this video last week on my FB page but I decided to share it on my blog, adding some thoughts of my own. (Although he does a pretty good job, himself.) It's really a great discussion on how to approach a recipe and worth watching... (Click to watch)

Italian Christmas Pudding Cake

Got leftover panettone? (Or did someone give you one of those boxed ones & you don't know that to do with it?) Here's ya go...

Spinach Pie

This Spinach pie is a great winter dish if you're looking to add some "green" to your diet. it's packed with spinach, and even more spinach, resulting in a quiche-like wedge that doesn't require a fussy crust, so it's easier to make. It goes well with white wine and is a great meal with a salad or slices of country ham or smoked salmon. Recipe here=>

Les 5 meilleures galettes des rois à Paris pour 2017

5 meuilleures (best) Galettes des rois in Paris for 2017

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