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Kimchi by the gallon... #LosAngeles

La Tuile a Loup

Sharing these thoughts from Eric, the owner of La Tuile a Loup, a shop in Paris the features handmade French pottery, that mentions some of the challenges and issues that will play a role in today's election in France. This election isn't just important for France, it could have a profound effect on Europe and the rest of the world.

Like in the U.S., there is a disconnect between rural voters and those that live in cities, and the different socio-economic groups that live in them. Results will be announced after the polls close tonight at 8pm in France, then the two candidates who got the most votes will move on to the final election, May 7th.

Enough With the Egg White Omelets Already

Obviously they never wrote an ice cream book - I had a gazillion egg whites to use up, and many found their way into omelets & frittatas (although I always added a whole egg or two, to the mix...)

Lamb Kofta Recipe

A trip to San Francisco isn't complete without a stop at Tartine Bakery. These skewers are from their new book, Tartine At Home, recipes anyone can make, even if you're not in California. They're great grilled with yogurt-tahini sauce. Check out the recipe on my site! =>

L'apéro des " A voté "

Some bars in Paris offering a free drink to those who vote in today's election.

Watch: How to make the smallest cup of coffee in the world

How to make a whole cup of coffee from just one bean

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Sharing a few scoop of Hazelnut and fig-vin santo gelati with Rolando Beramendi at Café Altro Paradiso


This is intriguing, made with goat milk - I never heard of a milk punch. Maybe fun to try...

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Excellent falafel with green sauce (parsley, cilantro and mint), pickles and Amba (I looked that one up and supposedly it's a mango and vinegar condiment, zhug (Yemeni hot sauce) at taim

David Lebovitz Loves His Dusting Wand

They asked me about an unusual baking tool in my arsenal, so I told them...

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Pork ribs with gochu (Korean chili pepper) at Momofuku Ssam Bar

Raw Pork: Is It Gross?


Servers, stop handing the check to my husband. I can pay, too.

Also when restaurants give women menus with no prices on them...and give those only to the men : -/

The Jasmine Cocktail

Tough times call for tough cocktails, and while this one may not look like it fits that bill, it does. (Trust me.) The lovely pink color belies the power of this beguiling mix of gin and citrus, with a dose of bitter Americano. Make this your end-of-the-week refresher on Friday, if we make it through the week. On second thought, maybe better to start today...!

Salon Sugar Paris : Pâtisserie traditionnelle et décorative

Paris pastry salon this weekend...

What I Learned from Andy Ricker on an Eating Tour of Thailand

I want to go to Thailand with Andy Ricker now...

French Elections: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Warning: Wasted baking ingredient(s) alert


It's been nearly a week, and every day, I wish I was back here, in Iceland...

Opinion | France in the End of Days

Analysis of the looming Presidential election in France

Cooking Dinner with Melissa Clark

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Today at 3:30 ET (12:30 PT) I'll be doing a Facebook LIVE video with Melissa Clark on my Facebook page featuring her great new book - Dinner: Changing the Game. We'll be cooking together in her kitchen! You can chat with us and ask questions as we go, and get ideas for dinner in your own kitchen. Check us out this afternoon!

Sorry, I Don’t Want to Dress Like a French Girl

A Frenchwoman weighs in...

Why Did a Midwestern Grocery Chain Buy New York’s Most Extravagant Cheese Shop?

I was just having this discussion with someone last night...

Marzipan Challah

I couldn't wait to share this recipe from baker Uri Scheft of Breads Bakery, and his new book, especially after a recent trip to Iceland where I enjoyed a number of Danish-style pastries. (For those of you celebrating Passover, you might want to bookmark/print the recipe for later...if you can wait.) It was even better than I expected and it was fun to make, too. Check out the story and recipe (which involved hitting up my local baker and café owner to borrow ingredients, because I made it on a Sunday in Paris - oops!) on my blog. Click to read =>

Omnivore Books on Food Antiquarian

I always like checking out the vintage cookbooks at Omnivore Books. They've got some interesting ones, including a few from the lovely (and talented) Flo Braker

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