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Discover Kinako Ice Cream | Food Gal

The Kinako Ice Cream didn't make it into the revised edition of The Perfect Scoop, which just came out last month, but it seems to be living on in people's kitchens!

A Desperate Plea for Everyone I Know to Stop Hoarding Old Jars

I remember when the French "working glass" was introduced to the U.S., which was a jam jar. A French friend said to me a few years later, "I am not drinking out of a jam jar." Fast forward to today, and jam jar-drinking has even made it to Paris.

This Negroni will cost you $1,250 in Midtown Manhattan - NY Daily News

The upside is that $1k of the price goes to charity. (As a side note, I’m interested in that saffron-scented vermouth.)

Does Sun Bleaching Really Work? We Tried It

Several people have said this would work, "sun bleaching" stains out of some vintage Le Creuset cookware, but it didn't really work

Not So Hot: How I Fell Out of Love With Sriracha

I've kind of fallen for chipotle sauce...

Strawberry Margarita

Is it summer where you are yet? Or spring? Here we're going back and forth, but there are strawberries, so I am hunkered down until the rest of the summer fruits and berries to come tumbling forth. While I biding my time, I'm using strawberries to their full advantage, even in cocktails. Exhibit A: This margarita I shook up when I had a few extra berries on hand. They were so good I made them a few more time (just to make sure the recipe worked 😉) pouring them both up...and on-the-rocks. I couldn't figure out which I preferred, so guess I'll make them again, to double-check. Check out my new post with the recipe!

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Eating lunch off the scale today, not because I’m on Weight Watchers, but because I’m working on so many projects at once, there’re no other spaces in my kitchen to eat (!)

Malört: The Most Disgusting Liquor of All Time

I was at a dinner party last night and one of the hosts, of Latvian descent, brought out a few bottles of liqueurs he was daring everyone to drink. The Latvian one was similar to amaro but without much complexity (and I didn't mind it), but I brought up Malört, which no one had heard of, including a guest from Chicago. I've read about it, but never tasted it. Have any of you ever tried it?

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“All grapefruit” tartlet with candied grapefruit and grapefruit sorbet @astierparis #paris #restaurant #dessert

Kensington Palace on Twitter

The ingredient list for the royal wedding cake (!)

Pasta Puttanesca

This is one of my all-time favorite pastas, and one of my favorite dinners, too! It's full of everything I love, including capers, olives and garlic, but comes together in about 10 minutes with just a little preparation in advance. It's really a perfect dish in every way. If you've not made a Pasta Puttanesca, after one bite, you'll wonder why you've waited so long! Read the story & recipe on my blog =>

David Lebovitz Has Written 8 Books, but This One Was His Favorite

Some thoughts on making ice cream, and updating the new edition of The Perfect Scoop (and funny that I said...”blah, blah, blah” and they printed it!)

McCourt Faculty Share Summer Reading Picks

My book, L'appart, made the list of Georgetown University's summer reading list!


😶Well, tomatoes are a fruit, and ketchup does have sugar. But...

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Snails cooked in crispy potato ribbons - now that’s my kind of bar snack! At Wos Bar

Beyond TV and EVOO: Rachael Ray Looks for Her Next Act

A good profile, revealing some of the different sides of Rachael Ray that we don't always see


Last weekend I took the fast train to Bordeaux (at 6:52 am!), arriving just in time to hit the giant antique market then have lunch. The next 48 hours were filled with wine, food, Lillet, duck fat, and - of course - chocolate. It's a fast trip from Paris, about 2 hours by TGV, but has an entirely different vibe. Check out where I went and what I ate (and drank) in my new blog post =>

When I was in A l'Etoile d'Or chocolate and candy shop in Paris today, Romain picked this out of her showcase, The Great Book of Chocolate with a picture of Denise and I, probably taken back in 2008 (?) The copy of the book has been handled quite a bit but I loved seeing it again, and seeing her again, too!

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Candied Corsican clementines dipped in chocolate. These are outrageously good! L'Étoile d'Or - Denise Acabo

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A little jambon de Bayonne for apéro hour! #aperitif #cocktails

Harissa Chicken

This one-pan dinner really did change the dinner game around here. Chicken and potatoes marinated in harissa with leeks, lemon, and a refreshing yogurt sauce, made a great (and fast!) meal for us the other evening. The recipe seems like a lot of hot sauce (harissa) but it mellows perfectly in the oven. Check out this terrific recipe. You'll want to make it for dinner asap!

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L’intendant wine shop in #Bordeaux

Jonathan Gold recommends 10 food-centric films

What's your favorite?

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A vegetable-friendly restaurant #bordeaux

Kinako Ice Cream with Magic Shell

Matt of BAKED made my Kinako Ice Cream with Magic Shell from The Perfect Scoops (from the first, and the updated editions)

No-Churn Margarita Ice Cream

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Unmolding canelés @canelesbaillardran in #Bordeaux

#caneles #frenchpastry 🇫🇷

US resident sues State over France.com domain name

The fight for France(.com)

The Best Apple Tart in Paris

I have a blind spot for things that are called "the best," so when I saw this apple tart in Paris, that was named "the best apple tart in Paris," I had to stop in. And was I glad I did! It was excellent. Softly cooked apples in a custard that I was sure was spiked with Calvados apple brandy. (The baker swapped out another liqueur, to very good effect!) Check it out in the new post on my blog. =>

The Amazing, True Story of How Nancy Silverton Became a Living Food Legend - Los Angeles Magazine

From the "What do I know?" file, I remember when she was opening La Brea bakery and thought, "Who is going to buy that kind of bread in L.A.?" And sure enough, the bakery was a hit from day one. Nancy's one of the hardest-working, most interesting people I know. This is a great interview and touches on a lot of good subjects (plus I love to picture of her on the phone, at work, with her baby under her arm)

Macron thanks PM's 'delicious wife'

Languages are so tricky. Even someone who speaks English as well as he does, sometimes there are words that have nuances and double meaning. A French word that often trips up anglophones is déception, which doesn't mean to deceive, but to disappoint...

May 2018 Newsletter - DavidLebovitz.com

My May 2018 newsletter is out!

Click here to read =>

D'oh! I made these granola bars a few days ago, took a bunch of photos, and starting writing the recipe up today. But something about them looked familiar; I'd posted the recipe for them a couple of years ago. Anyhow...my senior moment has passed, but I was glad to share this recipe from my friends at Ovenly which includes peanut butter, chocolate, and dried sour cherries. They are also gluten-free, so if you're gluten-free there's some good news - you can enjoy them, too!

Recipe here=> https://www.davidlebovitz.com/peanut-butter-granola-bars-recipe-ovenly-bakery/

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