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Bouillon Pigalle

Looking for an authentic, bustling, and (very) inexpensive French bistro in Paris? Bouillon Pigalle ticks off many of the boxes. The food is generous, the wine flows fast and furiously, and the servers are exceptionally friendly. We've gone back a few times and always had a good time. (And Romain insists they are his favorite French fries in Paris.) I also discovered they pour a pretty mean cocktail, which isn't really bistro-like, but I'm not complaining about that - especially when it's only €6. Check out the new post and story on my blog!

This invention butters bread 5 times faster than a knife and can cover 1,827 slices per hour

I hate when I can’t butter my bread fast enough...

Europe plans ban on plastic cutlery, straws and more

Wonder if this will include bottled water?

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A big bowl of Hummus with tandoori chicken, and lemonade with rose water for lunch YAFO houmous deli

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Help-yourself honey
#paris #cafe

Devil's Food Chocolate Ice Cream

If you like chocolate ice cream, add this one to your summer line-up of scoops! It's darker than standard chocolate ice cream, due to a double-dose of chocolate and cocoa powder, and has a special ingredient that keeps it scoopable and soft. It's from a terrific new baking book, BraveTart; Iconic American Desserts, and I think no matter where you live, you're going to love it, too! I just posted the story and recipe on my blog=>


Martha!! (And so great how she owns what happened to her.)

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Travers de porc, haricots verts (FB keeps translating the French word for ribs to "through")

IHOP Says 'IHOb' — And The Internet Says, What?

Stop the presses...

Horchata - David Lebovitz

It's getting hot out. And one of my favorite ways to cool down is with a glass of Horchata. Whenever I make it, I say, "Why don't I make this more often?" If you've never made it before, you're in for a treat!

Rendre Paris Propre

Today's the day to clean the city!

Recipe | New Classics: Dante’s Negroni

The finale to Negroni Week?

CNN's Anthony Bourdain dead at 61

Jaw-dropping news

Strawberry Rhubarb Tart

When two great ingredients come together in one tart, you know...it's spring. (Or, summer!) Here, tangy rhubarb and juicy, ripe strawberries burst forth in crunchy, flaky tart dough. I love free-form tarts like this since you don't need to worry or fuss about anything...except how you're going to serve it! Check out my new blog post and recipe =>

Strawberry Rhubarb Jam

Wondering what to do with that rhubarb, and those strawberries, that just happen to be in season at the same time? Here's your answer...

Rodney Dangerfield - At His Best!!! (You will Die Laughing!!!)

Here are your ten minutes of hilarity for Sunday. (I forgot how funny he was, and it was definitely a different era for some of those jokes...)

Barbara Kafka, cookbook author who turned up the heat, dies at 84

Such a pioneer... She came up with the "blitz" method of roasting a turkey (and a very simple formula) - Turn the oven to 500ºF, then put the turkey in. And I'd forgotten the whole microwave controversy, but many swear by the machine for making risotto now.

June 2018 Newsletter - DavidLebovitz.com

My June newsletter is out!

Italian Polenta Cookies

I had a craving for these crunchy, crispy cornmeal cookies and dug up the recipe from one of my favorite baking books. They go great with ice cream, fresh fruit (if it's cherry season where you live - go for it!), as well as coffee, tea, or even white wine. These Italian cookies are the definition of the word "irresistible" and I even like 'em for breakfast! Check out the story, and get the recipe, on my blog =>

The great NYC pizza debate: To fold or not to fold

The debate continues. Adding to it, I just read a review of a Neapolitan-style pizzeria in New York that advised diners that their pizza was best enjoyed with a knife & fork

Lahmacun Recipe from chef Selami of Urfa Dürüm in Paris !

They recreated the Lahmacun from Urfa Dürüm...at home!

Just saw that RueLaLa has a few Mauviel copper 11-inch tarte Tatin pans for sale for $129, which is a great price. They have a limited supply but if you're interested in one, they're on sale! (There are a few 12" ones which cost more.) It's a membership site and you can use my link to join: https://www.ruelala.com/invite/thingsilike

[Note: That's an affiliate link, although membership is free. I'll take this post down when they're gone.]

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My blog is now on @Apple News! Head over there and add it to your news stream...(if you want) 🙂

'Spider-Man' of Paris climbs four storeys to rescue dangling boy

Wow. This is amazing to watch...

Paris La Vie Parisienne (1965)

Great video of Paris in 1965!

Elderflower Sorbet

I've been up to my wrists (or elbows) in elderflowers this week. One of the rewards was this outstanding Elderflower Sorbet. It was lovely, with the bright, summery flavor of elderflowers with the brightness of lemon. Wow! It was so good and it's wonderful with a pour of Champagne or sparkling wine, or even some strawberries. Check out the story and recipe on my blog =>

A l'Assemblée, des députés déposent un « amendement chocolatine »

Pain au chocolat? Or Chocolatine? Will the government decide? (Article in French)

Discover Kinako Ice Cream | Food Gal

The Kinako Ice Cream didn't make it into the revised edition of The Perfect Scoop, which just came out last month, but it seems to be living on in people's kitchens!

A Desperate Plea for Everyone I Know to Stop Hoarding Old Jars

I remember when the French "working glass" was introduced to the U.S., which was a jam jar. A French friend said to me a few years later, "I am not drinking out of a jam jar." Fast forward to today, and jam jar-drinking has even made it to Paris.

This Negroni will cost you $1,250 in Midtown Manhattan - NY Daily News

The upside is that $1k of the price goes to charity. (As a side note, I’m interested in that saffron-scented vermouth.)

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