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Fried chicken trio - chili glazed, buttermilk and ginger-honey - at Federal Donuts

Donut Maker at Federal Donuts (Philadelphia)

Donut-maker in action! at Federal Donuts

Raisin : l'application du vin naturel

Like natural wine? Yes, there's an app for that...

Salon SAVEURS des plaisirs gourmands - Saveurs des plaisirs gourmands

This weekend in Paris is the Salon Saveurs Des Plaisirs Gourmands with food (and wine!), cooking demos, etc

Confessions of an Instagram Influencer

“You don’t have to eat it,” she offered. “Just make it pretty.”

First Look: Quin Candy’s Eye-Popping New Cookbook

I got a preview of this book. Wow! via Dianne Jacob newsletter

Baby crazy: Why do French women have so many children? - France 24

I didn't know they were "...the baby making champions of Europe"!

French Farmers Pose For Hot 2017 Calendar, And Everything Is Going To Be Fine Next Year

I wonder if they really are farmers. (On the other hand, does it matter if they're not?) via Eric Tenin


Making Chocolate Dulce de Leche Cakes with Ali of Food52

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Dulce de Leche-filled chocolate cakes (recipe from My Paris Kitchen)


I'm going to be doing a Facebook LIVE video with Food52 at 1pm EST today, sharing a recipe for Warm Chocolate Cakes filled with Dulce de Leche. Check it out over on their FB page!

All About Black Cocoa Powder – National Historical Baking Society

Very good info (and side-by-side tasting notes) about using different kinds of cocoa powder in recipes

Vintage et Industrial

Vintage candy making (!) via Cindy Mushet

The 9 Most Crucial Places to Get Burritos in San Francisco

Finally, someone points out the clear superiority of the burritos at El Castillito (although Pancho Villa gets extra props for being the cleanest restaurant I've ever been in...)

Black Manhattan Cocktail

Who doesn't need a cocktail? This take on the classic uses Amaro, the Italian digestive that's the subject of an amazing new book by Brad Thomas Parsons, which explores the beguiling flavors (and beautiful bottles!) that amari are known for. This cocktail from his book is a great riff on a Manhattan. If you like your cocktails on the less-sweet side (as I do...) this one is for you. And I'll have one, too...

Oldest Living Yoga Celebrity Tells All

She's 98. I'll never complain about how stiff or old I feel. (And she doesn't drink water. Only tea and wine.)

KitchenAid KV25GOXER Professional 5 Plus 5-Quart Stand Mixer, Empire Red

Just noticed these on Amazon (U.S.) for $199. Don't know how long that price will last, but that's a pretty good deal for a KitchenAid mixer that has the bowl-lift, which I prefer. (Rather than tilt head.)

Spicy Pretzel and Nut Mix

I wrote this recipe up a few years ago (actually, it was 10!) and every year at this time, I get reminders of how good it is from readers who make it for the holidays. It's easy to make and goes great with drinks.

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My childhood cookie jar (that I had to share with my sister!)

Video From The New York Times

This morning I made a great chocolate cake with Melissa Clark for The New York Times Food that's a great last-minute dessert to add to your holiday dessert table. No fancy techniques and 4 ingredients are all you need. It's one of my all-time favorite recipes! Check out the video of us making it (along with a quick-technique for the easiest dessert sauce, ever!)

The New York Times Food

Today at 11:30am EST (in about 30mns) I'll be over on the The New York Times Food page doing a Facebook LIVE with Melissa Clark presenting with her the perfect last-minute chocolate dessert that only has 4 ingredients, that you probably already have in your kitchen! Check it out...

Chocolate Cake recipe - David Lebovitz

This is a great last-minute chocolate cake if you want to add something to your holiday table, using ingredients you already likely have in your pantry and fridge. Perfect for do-ahead baking, too! I'll be making it today on FB Live at the The New York Times Food page at 11:30am today.

Maple Pumpkin Flan

This dessert is sensational! I was leafing through Cooking for Jeffrey, the terrific new cookbook by Ina Garten, and landed on this recipe. 'Tis the season, so I gathered the ingredients and baked it up. Almost as soon as it hit the plates, we lapped it up quickly. If you're looking for a fall-winter dessert for your holiday table, or to make for another occasion (even if you just want to just treat yourself!) check out this super-smooth flan swimming in an abundance of seductive maple caramel. Recipe here =>

The Making of a Cookbook

Interesting long-form article about writing a cookbook.

James Beard's Amazing Persimmon Bread Recipe - David Lebovitz

This Persimmon Bread may not look like much, but - wow! - is this packed with flavor. It's one of my all-time favorite recipes, adapted from the late James Beard, and puts to use all those persimmons you might be wondering what to do with from the market. It's got a big dose of whiskey (which is pretty well-appreciated by most of us this time of year..) and is a great addition to your holiday dessert table. (But be sure to keep a few pieces aside for breakfast the next day!) Recipe here =>

Wines of Provence | Research & Programs

Who knew there was "A Center of Rosé Research"?

Saint-Germain-des-Prés Apartment for Sale in Paris

For Sale: Patricia Wells cooking studio in Paris, via Ann Mah

Paris Aéroport s’attaque au cauchemar des files d’attente aux contrôles de police

Paris to work on the entry + customs lines at the airports

Baked Apples with Ginger

I love baked apples, and this recipe, which I've been making for over a decade, is my favorite way to prepare them, filled with dried fruit and two kind of ginger - fresh and candied. It's an easy do-ahead dessert and nice to have the refreshing zing of fresh ginger after a big holiday dinner. Check out the recipe I just posted on my blog! =>

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